Soybeans   (EDAMAME)                               soybeans

Soybeans(EDAMAME) are one of the all-time Japanese favorite and typical snacks during the summer season. Nowadays, by freezing fresh soybeans(EDAMAME), they can be readily enjoyedthroughout the year. Everyone can enjoy soybeans with their high nutritional value,and today they are being enjoyed and regarded as a healthy food in many countries

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Green beans & Bush beans

Green beans & Bush beans are versatile vegetables with a wide range of usages. In Japanese dishes,green beans & Bush beans can be topped with a ground sesame sauce or mixed with tofu and whitesesame sauce (called “shira-ae”). In western dishes, green beans & Bush beans can be stir-fried with butter or added to salads. Green beans & Bush beans are recommended in this modern world where

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 Sweet corn

Sweet corn kernels are one of the top frozen vegetable items in Japan. They are used in  a wide variety of purposes; in salads, in bakery items, as a pizza topping, in corn soup, stir-fried with butter, or even as an ingredient in croquettes, etc. Sweet corn kernels have

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 baby-cornBaby corn

Baby corn is a vegetable used often as an ingredient in Chinese cuisine. It has a delicate sweetness and a unique fragrance. Since baby corn can be eaten whole, it is an ingredient

normally used in salads. The yellow color in baby corn brings out a good color in any

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Mixed vegetables 

Mixed vegetables are original combination products that are
made to order from a wide range of vegetables such as
green beans, carrots, broccoli, bamboo shoot, water chestnut,
black fungus, champion, pea pod, potato, red chili, onion,
baby corn etc.

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