Terms and Privacy Policy (PDPA)

Personal Data Definition
Personal data means information about an individual by which an individual can be identified. whether directly or indirectly

Personal data collected
www.cmfrozen.com Only lawful and fair means of collecting personal data will be used to the extent necessary.
under the objectives of www.cmfrozen.com is a manufacturer and exporter of frozen vegetables. By collecting your personal information as follows:

Your privacy is important to us. We only need your information for the processing necessary to provide the service. Please consent if you agree to the terms of the Terms of Use including the Thai PDPA.
However, such personal information is necessary for the work of This website www.cmfrozen.com if there is no such information.
The system will not work perfectly. The user has the option to save any other personal data.
and willing to disclose such information to other persons or entities?

source of personal information
www.cmfrozen.com get personal information voluntarily of the user only by registering www.cmfrozen.com
This constitutes acceptance of these terms of use and permits the system to store, use and disclose such information for its intended purpose.

Purpose of collecting personal information
www.cmfrozen.com will collect your personal information for use or disclosure as necessary under the purpose of using the service

www.cmfrozen.com will not perform any other action which is different from that stated in the objectives, unless it is required by law to do so
or has a request that can be complied with by law, for example, for the purpose of preventing health and dangerous communicable diseases.

Collection, use or disclosure of personal information
www.cmfrozen.com will process your personal data To collect, use and disclose personal information
Only with your consent for the stated purpose.
It may be necessary to disclose your personal information to authorities or authorities with legal authority, such as:
Judicial proceedings and the actions of officials in the judicial process

Retention and retention period of personal data
www.cmfrozen.com Realize the importance of keeping your personal information safe. www.cmfrozen.com
Therefore, measures to maintain the security of personal data are appropriate and consistent with confidentiality.
and prevent access, destruction, use, alteration, alteration or disclosure of personal information. without rights or unlawful

There is a period of storage of personal information throughout the period of use. www.cmfrozen.com for the system to work perfectly.
However, after the expiration of the storage period and there is no reason to keep that personal information further.
will delete or destroy your personal information

Data Subject Rights
You have the right to process, including the right to withdraw your consent, the right to access personal data,
The right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data, the right to delete and correct personal data.
Unless there is a limitation of rights by law.

You can contact www.cmfrozen.com in order to perform the above rights without any cost and will notify the result according to the request within 30

If any data leaks are found, visit www.cmfrozen.com. We will notify you within 72 hours.

Personal Data Controller

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02 – 6340061- 4
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