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Policy of Corporate Governance ,Business MoralityUpdate 02-03-2015
Articles of Association,Memorandum of Association
Shareholder’s Structure,Update 30-03-2015
The Characteristic of Company Business Operation
Shareholder’s Meeting

Right of Shareholders

Criteria for Shareholders & ProcedureUpdate 27-10-2015
Shareholders Meeting Agenda Proposal Form
Director Nomination Form
Minutes of Shareholder’s MeetingUpdate 08-05-2015
Invitation for Shareholder’s MeetingUpdate 27-03-2015
Proxy FormUpdate 25-03-2015
 Name list and profiles of whose propose for election as directorUpdate 26-03-2015pdf
pdf Name list and Profiles of the Company’s Independent Directors to be a Proxy Update 26-03-2015
Map for Shareholder’s MeetingUpdate 18-03-2015
Structure of DirectorsUpdate 30-03-2015
pdf Vision / MissionUpdate 30-03-2015
Social & Environment ActivitiesUpdate 25-03-2015
Annual Reports,Form 56-1Update 26-03-2015
Financial Summary, MD&A Update 13-11-2015
Financial Statements
Yearly Update 14-02-2015
QuarterlyUpdate 13-11-2015
Company News Update 17-11-2015

SET Index and Stock Quote

Market Overview
Daily Quote
Historical Trading
Events & Calendar,Company’s Holidays
IR Contact
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